Troop 162 has been an active troop since 1945, and it is has seen many Scouts come and go, 109 of them Eagle Scouts. But 162 isn’t about focusing on advancement. Our focus is on having fun. We have slept on an 888-foot, 45,000-ton battleship, sold 625 Christmas trees in less than three weeks, and worked together to lift our entire troop over a 16-foot wall using the help of only one other adult, and all in the space of just 4 months. 162 is unique in its ability to work as a team and to have fun. Join 162, and you are absolutely guaranteed to have a good time!

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Remember the changes we made to the senior leadership. Make sure you know who you are!

Coming Up...

January 5 - PLC

January 8 - buying food for campout.

January 10-11 - Winter Cabin Campout

January 15 - Food safety and Citizenship

January 22 - Axe/knife sharpening

January 24 - Life to Eagle seminar

January 29 - Tent repair


February 2 - PLC

February 12 - Advancement round table

February 19 - Uniform info meeting

February 21-22 - Snow tubing/Skiing Campout

February 28 - Pack 637 Blue and Gold Dinner

Tripp J.,

Senior Patrol Leader

Stephen R., ASPL

Matt B., ASPL

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